Why We Should Love Spiders

Why We Should Love Spiders

Did the movie Arachnophobia scar you for life and make you afraid of spiders? Yeah, me too.

I met Jules Sylvester, the spider-wrangler from Arachnophobia that made them crawl, jump, and scare millions of people around the world. I now love spiders, so I gave him a shot at spider forgiveness to help me explain why we should LOVE spiders, not fear them. Have fun:

Sesame Street! H is for...

...Habitat. A team of young explorers and I took to the deserts of Joshua Tree and the beach of Point Dume to learn all about habitats and the creatures living there. Look for this segment on HBO in coming months.

Expedition to Find a New Species of Snake

I recently joined Tropical Herping to search for a snake on a volcano in the Amazon. Sound like a good time? It certainly was. After several muddy, jungly days of searching around the base of the Sumaco Volcano, we found a snakey surprise. This is what science looks like in the field.